Steel Wire Mesh Reinfored PE Composite Pipe (SRTP)


Steel wire mesh reinforced PE composite pipe (SRTP) for water supply

Product Introduction

This series of products are new-type medium, high or low-pressure composite pipes reinforced by high-strength plastic-covered steel wire and covered with composite thermal plastic at internal and external surface. Owning to the reinforcement is covered in continuous thermal plastic, this kind of composite pipe not only overcomes shortcomings of steel pipes and plastic pipes, but also has common advantages of steel pipes and plastic steels. After the galvanized pipe is prohibited, it is a revolutionary technological achievement for architectural and municipal water supply pipe and also solves the urgent needs for large-diameter rigid pipes in petroleum, chemical engineering, pharmacy, food, mine and gas field, etc. The piping system of steel wire mesh plastic reinforced composite pipes is equipped with electric melting pipe fittings. During connection, the heating elements in fittings will melt outer plastic on pipe and inner plastic on fittings and then connect them together reliably.

Technical specification:

Material: PE, Steel mesh skeleton.

Pressure Rating:  1.0MPa to 7.0MPa

Standard: CJ/T189

Size: Full 50mm through 1000mm availability

Colors:Black (all size)Other colors are also available upon request

Form Supplied: 5.8 meters ,6 meters or 8meters straight length (all size)


1.Higher strength resistance and creep resistance.

2.Excellent stiffness, impact resistance. Low linear expansion coefficient.

3.Smooth inner wall, won’t covered with dirt. Low flow resistance, high flow capacity.

4.Both the inner and outer wall are made of plastic, lead the pipe and fittings owns good corrosion resistance.

5.Light weight, easy to transport.

6.Use elector-fusion joint, no leakage in the joint, fast and easy installation.

7.The product is composite with steel wire and plastic, overcome the fast stress crack of plastic pipe.

8.Good abrasion resistance. The product can work for more than 50 years under normal use.

9.low in cost, hygienic and non-toxic than galvanized pipe

Steel wire mesh reinforced PE composite pipe (SRTP) for water supply

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