Super wear-resisting high-pressure multi-layer composite pipe


1.Product introduction

Base layer of this series of products is a new type of wear-resisting material (modified polyolefin) and the products can be divided into two types according to their structure, namely the super wear-resisting composite pipe and high-pressure super wear-resisting multi-layer composite pipe. Thickness and strength of the super wear-resisting composite pipe comply with requirements in standards GB/T13663-2000 and Q/0881DHB003-2015, and its operating pressure is 0.8-1.6MPa; and, the thickness and strength of the high-pressure super wear-resisting multi-layer composite pipe comply with requirements in standards CJ/T189-2007 and Q/0881DHB001-2014 and its operating pressure is up to 7.0MPa.


2.Range of application

● Metal mines: transportation of coarse ores and tailings;
● Coal mines: transportation of coal water slurry, coal washing sludge, mine fillings and coal powders, etc.
● Dredging: river dredging and channel excavation, etc.;
● Chemical engineering: pipes and elbows for transportation of silica powder, salt slurry and potash-bearing salts mixtures, etc.;

● Coal-fired power plants: ash removal, slagging, powder feeding, return powder and desulfurization, etc.;
● Metallurgy: blast furnace coal injection and slag handling, etc.;
● Cement: transportation of raw slurry, pulverized coal and finished cement, etc.;
● Foods: transportation of grains and husks, etc.;

● High wear resistance: its wear resistance is 3-4 times as high as the common ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene pipe is;
●High corrosion resistance: resistant to acid, alkali, chemical and electrochemical corrosion;
● Good weather resistance: when being buried underground, the pipe will not change its physical properties and be frost-cracked at a temperature as low as -40℃;
● Good hydraulic performance: the smooth inner wall is low both in scaling and transportation resistance, enabling transport capacity of it to increase 20-30% than conventional pipes (e.g. steel pipe);
● Easy installation: both the hot-melt connection, electric-melt connection and mechanical connection are acceptable, which saves both time and labor and quicken installation;
●Good earthquake resistance: its high flexibility is more applicable for tensile and bending deformation caused by geologic changes;
●High economic efficiency: service life is long and construction, maintenance and operation cost is low.

3.Wear resistance comparison of pipelines

Test the results according to Appendix B “Mortar Wear Rate Test Method” of QB/T 2668–2004 “Ultra-high Molecular Weight Polyethylene Pipe”.

4.Nominal pressure and nominal wall thickness of double-layer super wear-resisting composite pipe

5.Nominal pressure and nominal wall thickness of wire reinforced super wear-resisting composite pipe

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