RTP (Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe)


1.Product introduction

The RTP (Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe) is a new high-pressure composite pipe that our company heavily invested and developed by combining market needs with the progress of science and technology and development of materials science. This product is mainly made from modified plastic resin, mixed with high-strength multi-layer reinforced fiber (reinforcement) and extruded into a whole at high temperature in the presence of hot-melt adhesive, so it not only has the characteristics of general plastic pipes, but also is characterized by anti-static property, fire resistance, high strength and high bearing temperature. It is a revolutionary achievement in development of today’s pipeline industry. Normal bearing pressure of the pipe is 20Mpa (the highest bearing pressure is up to 100Mpa) and operating temperature is -40℃-95℃. It is widely applied in water supply and drainage, guniting, dust prevention and watering for mines; gathering and transportation pipelines of oily sewage, gas field mixture and oil well re-injection polymer solution, and secondary and tertiary oil recovery and transportation process pipes for oil and gas fields; water supply and drainage, drinking water, natural gas and fuel gas transmission pipelines for urban buildings in municipal engineering; sea water transmission pipes, submarine pipelines and optical cable (cable) ducts of seawater desalting plants, seaside power plants and coastal cities; hot spot engineering return process water transmission pipes, waste residue transmission pipes, process pipes and discharge pipes for delivery of corrosive gases, liquids or solid powders in petrochemical engineering, chemical fertilizer, pesticide, pharmacy, chemistry, mining, plastic & rubber and other industries, as well as pipes for other multiple purposes.

This composite pipe is a special and continuous multi-layered flexible product which is a composite of one or more materials. The intermediate layer of the pipe is the multi-layer high-strength reinforced fibers continuously woven on outside of the plastic pipe to provide the pipe with the capability to resist the pressure applied from radial and axial direction, and the outer plastic pipe protects the pipe from being damaged by external environment. The heat insulation layer can be added to the outside of the pipe to play a part in heat insulation. Compression strength of the pipe can be designed up to 100Mpa.

The most advanced finite element design analysis method is used to calculate and simulate stress distribution of metal reinforced materials and stress-strain distribution of thermoplastic materials when the pipe bears pressure. And, the maximum bearing pressure, service life, failure torque and the minimum bending diameter, etc. of the pipe are designed by combining anti-fatigue service life of metal materials and stress-strain curve of thermoplastic materials under different temperatures. Then, the products meeting different pressure requirements can be manufactured according to this optimized design.

2.Performance characteristics

The 25mm or thicker closed-cell foamed polyethylene heat insulating material is selected to cover surface of the pipe because it will not absorb water or deform after being buried underground, achieve the goal of heat insulation and serve for a period which is as long as the pipe is.

3.Pipe connection

The joints are connected with metallic (generally stainless steel and carbon steel) fasteners. If the fasteners of carbon steel are used, anti-corrosive treatment is necessary. The internal expansion and external tightening process of these fasteners shall be completed with a special-purpose device. The joints and pipes are sealed completely (360°) by this tightening mode.

4.Range of application

It is applicable for oil, gas and water gathering and transportation pipelines, high-pressure water injection pipelines and thermal washing pipelines, etc. in coal mines and oil fields, oil, gas and water transportation in offshore oil fields, and especially the transportation of high sulfur-bearing oil, gas and water, as well as other media.

5.Performance indicators


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