Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe For Gathering and Transportation


Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe For Gathering and Transportation

Product Introduction:

Fiber reinforced thermoplastic pipes are usually three-layer structure: inner layer, reinforcing layer, protective layer, as shown as following:

The inner layer is the medium transportation structure, materials such as HOPE, PP, PA, PET etc. can be selected, materials such as PPS, PVDF, PEEK etc. can be selected for special requirements. The reinforcement layer is the pressure resistance layer, which adopts thermoplastic impregnated continuous fiber tape with the same matrix as the Inner layer. The typical fibers used for reinforcement layer are glass fiber, aramid fiber, carbon fiber and basalt fiber. mainly providing the pressure resistance and tensile performance The protective layer provides protection for the reinforcement layer and adopts the same thermoplastic matrix as the inner layer. The three--layer structure has the same matrix. which improves the interface bonding performance and enables the three-layer structure to be fully bonded, thus realizing the fully bonded process manufacturing.  

According to the oilfield use temperature requirements, the recommended optimized base materials are as follows

Product Features:

Fully bonded fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite pipe used as gathering and transportation pipelines have the following characteristics and advantages:

■  Fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite pipes used as gathering and transpiration pipelines have the following characteristics:

■ Corrosion resistance: The product can be applied to a variety of corrosive medium and suitable for various corrosive environment, such as high H,S, CO, content medium;

■  High pressure: rated working pressure can reach 32 MPa (DN50mm below);

■  High temperature: The maximum temperature for long-term service can reach 130

■ Low thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity of non-metallic materials is about 1/100 of that of steel.

■ Good hydraulic performance: the equivalent roughness is about 1/10 or that of steel pipe, and it is hard to form scale and wax. The flow rate of the same diameter ls about 16% higher than that of steel pipe.

■  Good flexibility: can coil supply, can be suitable for complex terrain laid.

■ Good customization: customized intelligent pipeline products can be provided according to user needs.

■  Convenient construction: the length of single coil can reach more than 2000 meters (DN50mm below), with less intermediate joints. which can be laid continuously and high installation speed.

■ Lower comprehensive cost: lower installation cost, Lower operation and maintenance cost In operating, and save obviously investment cost in service life cycle.

■ Long service life: The common product design l e is at least 20 years. for special application, the design life can be up to 50 years.

Product Specification

Note: Our products can be supplied in coils, ,when transportation or construction conditions are limited, sJaigt1t pipe can be selected. For products pressure grade below 6.4MPa, reinforced electrofusion sleeve is available.

Product Laying and Connection:

The following methods can be used for laying the product: buried, trench less and direct laying.

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