Intelligent Heating Gathering& Transportation Pipe System


Intelligent Heating Gathering& Transportation Pipe System

Production Introduction:

Intelligent heating gathering and transportation pipe system consists of intelligent heating gathering and transportation pipe, special designed end-fitting, control cabinet and exploration-proof box,etc. It is mainly used for gathering and transportation of low-yield liquid wells. The system is based on closed-loop control system, through automatic power regulation, so that the liquid in the pipe can be maintained at a certain temperature, thereby reducing energy consumption and transportation costs. Moreover, the pipe and end-fitting have good corrosion resistance, long service life, and no need maintenance without external force damage, which saves a lot of maintenance cost.

Intelligent Healing Gathering & Transportation Pipe

Intelligent healing gathering pipeline consists of heating liner, reinforced layer and protective layer. Compared with electric heating steel pipe, the product has the following advantages:

■ The flow resistance is small and the flow rate is large.

■ Anti-waxing, not easy 10 scale;

■ It has good corrosion resistance both inside and outside,

■ High heating efficiency and low energy consumption;

■ II has long service life and low maintenance cost.

Special Designed End Fitting for Intelligent Heating Pipe

We have a patented intelligent heating pipe end-fitting, which can completely guarantee the sealing and insulation performance of the heating pipe, while ensuring the normal operation of the thermocouple inside the end-fittings.


Downhole Tools String

Temperature control cabinet is the electrical control part of Intelligent healing gathering and transportation system.It can be placed outdoors.The stable voltage can be provided for the pipeline to guarantee the heating power according to the requirements of the working conditions on site.Ensure the smooth transportation of pipeline, prevent the pipeline from freezing and wax.

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