Fiber Reinforced TPU Flat Hose


Fiber Reinforced TPU Flat Hose

Product Introduction:

Fiber-reinforced polyurethane elastomer flat soft hose is a multi-layer composite flexible hose composed of a fiber-reinforced layer and inner and outer polyurethane elastomers. The fiber-reinforced layer can significantly improve the pressure resistance of the pipe, while the polyurethane elastomer material is highly pressure-resistant, wear-resistant, low-stretch, hydrolysis-resistant, UV-resistant, bacteria-resistant, low-temperature-resistant, and aging-resistant. It is made into a flat pipe structure, which can be compressed to the maximum extent after coiling, which is convenient for connection, quick to retract and transport. It is especially suitable for single-line super-long conveying pipelines and is widely used in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry and mining.


Core tube &Outer protective Layer: Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)

Reinforce   Layer:   Aramid fiber, polyester fiber, glass fiber etc.

Standard: EN694, EN14540,BS6391

Pressure Rating: 1.0-4.0MPa

Operating temperature: -50 to 80

Nominal ID: 1inch to 16 inch (25mm, 38mm, 51mm, 64mm, 76mm, 103mm, 127mm, 152mm,   203mm, 254mm, 305mm, 356mm,406mm)

Color: Black ,White, Blue, Yellow, Orange,   other colors as request.

Length: 200m-1500m/Coil

Typical features of core   tube&out protective layer Material

Reinforce Material choice and pipeline structure design

The GFD   pipe products is 100% focus on customers' requirement on product performance, transmission medium characteristics, service life and using environment and budget to design the pipe material and pipe structure. Sometimes need to consider the package and transport easier to chose correct   material and package design.

Advantages of Fiber Reinforced TPU Flat Hose

Product Features:

UV resistance: Can be directly placed outdoors in sunlight, suitable for outdoor use.

Abrasion resistance: The inherent abrasion resistance of the TPU material extends the service life of the hose.

High pressure resistance: The maximum operating pressure of the product can reach 1.0MPa to 4.4MPa. The experimental burst pressure can reach three times the operating pressure.

High and low temperature resistance: The product's operating temperature range is -50℃ to 80℃. It can be applied in a wide range of regions.

Anti-mildew: The material itself has anti-mildew properties and can be used to transport drinking water.

Small packaging volume: Due to the flat-coiled packaging of the pipe material, the packaging volume of the product is minimized, making transportation and construction more convenient.

Easy installation: The length of each roll of the product can be customized according to customer requirements from 200 meters to 1500 meters, and the pipeline only uses physical connection, and the installation tools are simple.

Wide caliber range: The inner diameter of the product can be from 25mm to 406mm, providing larger caliber coiled pipes compared to other hoses.

Low project cost: Due to the flat structure coiling, long-distance pipelines can be used with very few joints, the construction difficulty is low, and the material cost itself is relatively low. It is mainly used on the ground and does not need to be dug and buried.


Application Area

Main Application of   Fiber Reinforced TPU Flat Hose

1.Shale oil and gas drilling fracturing water transportation

2.High pressure water Transportation in mine

3.River dredging project

4.Transportation of industrial wastewater

5.Emergency rescue and disaster relief

6.Municipal fire-fighting and remote water supply

7.Pipeline of corrosive medium such as brine and chemical raw materials

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