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GFD PVC-O pipe is named Taiji Blue Pipe because Chinese believe that Taiji is the origin of all lives on Earth. Taiji represents the harmonious state of balance between yin and yang, hardness and softness. The unique properties combining strength and toughness of Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O)are similar to Taiji.

Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) is an innovative pipe with high strength, high toughness, high impact resistance, and fatigue resistance. It is manufactured by special biaxially oriented process using advanced equipments. Through the axial and hoop orientation, the molecules chain is arranged in order to form laminated structure.

The strength of Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) is 2 times of traditional pipes. The perfect toughness enables the Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) to bear strong impact, sharp notch, and cold temperature. The invention of Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) is honoured as a revolution of plastic pipe industry.


Product Specifications According to ISO 16422:2014, 400 class, C=1.6.

Note1 : PN10 series are recommended only to be used in agricultural irrigation system.

PN12.5 and above series are suitable to the network of drinking water and industry.

Note2: The ring stiffness of PN12.5 and above series is over 5.2KPa. The critical pressure of buckling instability without support is over 157KPa (the pipe will not be instability under absolute vacuum.

Features and Benefits

Over one hundred years of service life of Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) Under certain temperature, the PVC molecules are biaxially oriented . A laminated structure is formulated in the pipe wall. This special laminated structure enables the Taji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) unique features such as resistant to brittle failure caused by the micro crack in the wall or the scratches on the pipe surface. The properties of strength, toughness, and anti-crack are promoted significantly. By the manufacturing process of molecules biaxially oriented, the service life of Taji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) is over one hundred years thanks to the excellent properties of resistant to fatigue and long term hydrostatic pressure.

Unbeatable properties of impact resistance of Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) The net structure bybiaxially oriented process brings unbeatable properties of impact resistance for the pipe. This means that the breakages caused by dropping or impacts from stones during installation, on-site trials, and operation are minimized.

Super strength of Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) When the PVC pipe is oriented toward the hoop direction, its stress-strain curves are very close to the curves of metals. The tensile strength of Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) is much stronger than traditional plastic pipes. This means excellent short term and long term hydrostatic resistance.

Excellent elasticity of Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) can bear deformation of up to 100 percent of its internal diameter. The pipe immediately goes back to its original shape after being deformed. This means the potential breakage caused by stones crush or installing machines dash during installation are minimized.

Good cold brittle resistance of Taji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) Even in the cold environment up to -25 鈩? the Taji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) capacity to absorb impact does not present significant variations. These special features enlarge the service area and prolong the installation window.

6. Excellent crack propagation resistance of Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) is not sensitive to notch. The laminated structure prevents effectively the propagation of crack and scratches. This property eliminates the phenomenon of rapid crack propagation which guarantees the safety of the network, and prolongs the service life of the pipe.

Excellent water hammer resistance of Taji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) The celerity of Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) is much lower than traditional pipes (four times less than ductile iron pipes). This means less water hammers caused by sudden variations of water pressure and volume. So the possibility of breakage during opening and closing of the water network is reduced and even eliminated. In the meantime, each component of the water network is protected during operation.

Taji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) increases the hydraulic capacity 15-40% The wall thickness of Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) is only half of traditional pipes, which provides a greater internal diameter and flow section. In the meantime, the internal surface is extremely smooth than metal pipes, which reduces load loss and makes it more difficult for deposits to be formed on the inner wall. As a result, with the same external diameter, the Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) can deliver 15-40% more hydraulic capacity than traditional pipes.

Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) lighter, easy to handle , lower installation cost The weight of Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) is only half of traditional plastic pipes, and 1/6 to 1/12 of ductile iron pipes. So it is easy to handle and installation. In most cases, it dose not need mechanical assistance (up to DN315mm). The installation speed is increased significantly, and the installation cost is reduced largely.

Convenient and fast connections of Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) adopts socket connections, which makes installation convenient and fast, and guarantees not to displace once the pipes have been installed. So the water tightness of the network is good, and water leakage rate is lower. The precious water resource is transported efficiently.

Excellent health properties of Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) The biaxially orientation process of Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) is based on fresh and high quality material , which means inferior material cannot be used. Taiji Blue Pipe (PVC-O) is immune to corrosion , do not require any type of coating. So no migration to the water from micro- and macro- organisms, the quality of the conveyed water remains always unaltered.

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